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Crawler type shot blasting machine

Crawler type shot blasting machine

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Crawler type shot blasting machine is a key industrial equipment commonly used in the process of cleaning metal surfaces and enhancing their surface hardness. To ensure the efficient operation and extended service life of this type of machine, appropriate maintenance and upkeep must be carried out. The following are the key points for maintenance and upkeep of tracked shot blasting machines.

1. Daily maintenance: Remove debris, residual materials, and dust from the tracked shot blasting machine every day, and use compressed air to blow away the dust. And check if all parts of the shot blasting machine are damaged.

2. Weekly maintenance: Further cleaning and inspection of the tracked shot blasting machine is required every week. Firstly, remove the casing and clean the internal components. Then conduct a more detailed inspection, including the motor, gearbox, brake, clutch, etc., to ensure that all components are in normal condition.

3. Track and chain maintenance: The core part of the tracked shot blasting machine is the chain and track system, which needs to be regularly checked for operation. If the chain becomes loose or worn, its components must be repositioned or replaced. At the same time, it is necessary to apply some lubricating oil to the chain to reduce wear and friction.

4. Replace vulnerable parts: The vulnerable parts of the tracked shot blasting machine include tires, rollers, V-belts, etc. These components are subject to wear and tear during use and require regular replacement.

5. Maintenance of electrical system: The electrical system of the tracked shot blasting machine includes motors, circuit breakers, transformers, encoders, etc. These devices require regular maintenance and repair to ensure their normal operation.

6. Cleaning the target plate: The cleaning of the target plate is crucial for the normal operation of the tracked shot blasting machine. Cleaning agents and high-pressure water guns can be used during the cleaning process. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the target plate has cracks or deformation, and if so, it must be replaced in a timely manner.

In short, regular maintenance and upkeep of the tracked shot blasting machine can ensure its efficient operation and extend its service life, thereby improving the production efficiency of the factory.


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