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What is the difference between a shot blasting machine and a sandblasting machine

2023-05-16 10:30:28

Shot blasting machine and sandblasting machine are two common metal surface treatment equipment. They are often used for metal workpieces that require surface treatment, such as automotive parts, aviation equipment, bridge structures, steel and cement, etc. Although both devices can achieve surface treatment purposes, they have different working principles and application fields. Below, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the differences between shot blasting machines and sandblasting machines from the following aspects.

1. Working principle

The working principle of a shot blasting machine is to use the conversion of mechanical energy from the shot blasting wheel to achieve the purpose of cleaning, deburring, polishing, and strengthening the metal surface. Specifically, the shot blasting machine will place the metal workpiece in the working area of the machine during operation, and then start the shot blasting wheel, causing the abrasive (such as diamond sand, steel shot, etc.) to rotate rapidly and impact the surface of the workpiece, thereby peeling off the dirt and surface layer.

The working principle of sandblasting machine is to mix compressed air, water, or inert gas with sandblasting agent at high speed, and spray the mixture onto the surface of the workpiece to remove surface dirt, scale, coating, or rust. The spraying speed and direction of the sandblasting machine can be adjusted as needed to achieve different surface treatment effects.

2. Surface treatment effect

Due to different working principles, there are also differences in surface treatment effects between shot blasting machines and sandblasting machines. For shot blasting machines, they can remove various dirt and coatings from metal surfaces, making them widely used in fields such as automotive manufacturing, steel structure manufacturing, and shipbuilding. In terms of technology, the shot blasting machine can generate strong media impact force, so it can perform deburring, scaling, cleaning, and strengthening treatments on the metal surface, achieving very ideal surface flatness and smoothness.

The surface treatment effect of sandblasting machines is mainly to remove the oxide layer and rust on the metal surface. In the selection of sandblasting agents, different sandblasting agents can be selected according to different requirements. For example, glass beads can make the metal surface smooth, steel sand can form a honeycomb shape on the metal surface, alumina can produce a rougher surface, and so on. The processing capacity of sandblasting machines mainly depends on the type and quality of sandblasting agents.

3. Equipment structure

There are also differences in equipment structure between shot blasting machines and sandblasting machines. Due to the fact that shot blasting machines typically require strong media impact effects, high-strength components such as shot blasting wheels and guns need to be installed inside the equipment. Shot blasting machines usually have a large volume and high noise, which has a certain impact on both the user and the on-site environment.

In contrast, sandblasting machines are usually relatively small and simple, allowing for easy handling and operation. Sandblasting machines are usually composed of spray guns, compressed air, sandblasting agent barrels, and control devices, and can be upgraded and improved as needed. The structure of sandblasting machines is simpler than shot blasting machines, making them more suitable for small workshops and on-site use.

4. Scope of Application

Due to different working principles, there are also differences in the scope of application between shot blasting machines and sandblasting machines. Shot blasting machine is usually used for surface treatment of large steel components, bridges, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, Machine element and industrial pipelines. The shot blasting machine has a fast processing speed and good processing effect, and has a wide range of applications in these fields.

And sandblasting machines are suitable for surface treatment work in small workshops and on site, such as furniture, bicycles, electrical appliances, outdoor places, etc. These areas require the removal of rust and oxide skin to maintain the aesthetic and anti-corrosion effect of the surface. The sandblasting machine can spray sandblasting agent onto the surface of small parts, making their surface smooth and smooth, and making it easy to clean quickly.

In summary, as metal surface treatment equipment, shot blasting machines and sandblasting machines each have their own advantages, disadvantages, and applicability. When selecting equipment, comprehensive consideration and comparison should be made based on different surface treatment process requirements, equipment practicality, and other factors, in order to select the most suitable equipment.


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