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Explosion proof shot blasting machine is a modern mechanical equipment

2023-05-16 10:30:21

Explosion proof shot blasting machine is a modern mechanical equipment that can perform shot blasting cleaning treatment on the surface of metal components. It mainly uses high-speed rotating shot blasting wheels to spray shot blasting particles onto the surface of metal components, removing surface oxide skin, oil stains, oxide layers, and other pollutants, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning iron tools. At the same time, it can also increase the roughness of the iron surface, improve its original Surface states, and enhance the corrosion resistance and adhesion of the iron surface.

The explosion-proof shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface treatment of metal products in industries such as metallurgy, automobiles, aviation, and machinery, as well as in fields such as bridge construction, railways, and ships. It is suitable for cleaning the surface of various shapes of parts, such as the surface of components after casting, forging, and welding.

The explosion-proof shot blasting machine uses steel shot, cast steel shot, refractory material shot, aluminum shot, aluminum oxide, etc. as shot blasting materials. The shot blasting wheel is driven by a motor to rotate at high speed and spray the shot blasting material onto the surface of the component. Its shot blasting material can be adjusted according to different situations, and can be selected according to the hardness, thickness, surface requirements of the metal, as well as the correct shot blasting material to achieve the ideal treatment effect.

The explosion-proof shot blasting machine has the following characteristics:

1. Safety and reliability: The explosion-proof shot blasting machine is designed specifically for explosive hazardous areas, using explosion-proof electrical components and better safety performance construction design, making its use more safe and reliable.

2. Widely applicable: Its shot blasting materials can be selected according to various situations, suitable for surface treatment of various shapes of components, and can be used in various industries and fields.

3. Efficient and automatic: The explosion-proof shot blasting machine has the characteristics of efficient automation, which can achieve one-time surface cleaning and treatment, and can process a large number of components in a short time.

4. Low loss: Shot blasting materials can be reused multiple times, greatly reducing processing costs and reducing material waste.

In short, as a modern mechanical equipment, explosion-proof shot blasting machines have high safety and reliability, wide applicability, efficient automation, and low losses. Its emergence has greatly promoted the technological progress of surface treatment of metal products. In future development, explosion-proof shot blasting opportunities will become more intelligent and efficient, making the surface treatment of metal structures more efficient, accurate, and long-lasting.


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