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Shot blasting machine is a common surface treatment equipment

2023-05-16 10:26:51

Shot blasting machine is a common surface treatment equipment, whose function is to remove pollutants such as oxide layer, oil stain, and rust layer from the metal surface, while increasing the roughness of the metal surface, improving its adhesion and fatigue strength. Shot blasting machines are widely used in fields such as automobiles, shipbuilding, railways, aerospace, and mechanical manufacturing, and are an essential surface treatment equipment.

The working principle of a shot blasting machine is to put the shot blasting agent (such as steel shot, cast steel shot, stainless steel shot, etc.) into the machine, put the processed workpiece into the machine, start the machine, and spray the shot blasting agent at high speed to the surface of the workpiece. Through cutting and impact effects, surface pollutants are removed, while increasing the surface roughness of the workpiece, thereby improving adhesion and fatigue resistance. Shot blasting machines have the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, good cleaning effect, and simple operation, therefore they are widely used in various industries.

Shot blasting machines are divided into two types: pressure type and pneumatic type. The pressure type shot blasting machine uses compressed air or high pressure caused by an electric motor to spray the shot blasting agent onto the surface of the workpiece, and its cleaning efficiency and effect are higher than those of pneumatic shot blasting machines. The pressure type shot blasting machine has higher efficiency in cleaning large workpieces, but it is relatively expensive and difficult to maintain.

Pneumatic shot blasting machine uses compressed air to inject shot blasting agent into the machine, and then sprays it onto the surface of the workpiece through a nozzle. Its advantages are low cost, simple operation, and suitable for cleaning small workpieces. The cleaning effect and efficiency of pneumatic shot blasting machines are relatively low, making them suitable for cleaning work that does not require high surface roughness of workpieces.

Shot blasting machines are widely used in automotive manufacturing. They are often used for cleaning and processing parts such as car bodies, engines, and transmissions, removing defects such as rust layers, sand holes, and inclusions, and improving the smoothness and quality of component surfaces. In ship manufacturing, shot blasting machines can clean the rust layer, seawater scale, oxides, etc. on the surface of steel plates, prevent ship corrosion, and improve the quality and service life of the ship. In the construction machinery manufacturing, the shot blasting machine can clean the surface of Machine element, increase the surface roughness, improve the corrosion resistance and fatigue strength. In aerospace manufacturing, shot blasting machines clean and treat the surface of aviation components to improve their quality and service life.

In short, shot blasting machine is an indispensable surface treatment equipment that provides efficient and high-quality surface cleaning and treatment services for various industries, playing an important role in improving product quality and reducing production costs for production enterprises.


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