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What are the applications of shot blasting cleaning machines

2023-05-25 08:33:41

Shot blasting cleaning machine, also known as shot blasting cleaning equipment, mainly works by using a high-speed rotating shot blasting wheel to clean rust, oxides, and gravel from the metal surface, ensuring the cleanliness and smoothness of the workpiece surface. It has a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing, steel processing, aerospace, and automotive industries.

1. Machinery manufacturing industry

In the process of mechanical manufacturing, it is often necessary to clean various workpieces, such as quenching, spraying, painting, etc. Using a shot blasting machine can efficiently clean the surface of the workpiece, remove oil stains, rust layers, and other harmful substances, thereby improving the quality of the workpiece.

2. Foundry industry

In the casting industry, it is necessary to remove impurities such as sand, oxide skin, and welding slag from the mold to ensure the smoothness and accuracy of the casting surface. The shot blasting machine can effectively clean the mold and castings, reducing the quality defects of the castings.

3. Steel structure manufacturing industry

Steel structure manufacturing is a key industry for national development, and usually requires cleaning and treatment of the surface of steel components. Shot blasting cleaning machines have important applications in this field, which can efficiently clean the surface of steel components from oil, rust, oxide skin, and welding slag, resulting in excellent surface pretreatment and improving the adhesion of the coating film.

4. Aerospace field

The aerospace industry has extremely high requirements for product quality and safety. Shot blasting machines can improve the surface quality and process level of aerospace components, ensuring their performance and safety.

5. Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the main application industries for shot blasting machines, which can clean and pre-treat the surface of automobiles, improve the appearance quality and service life of products.

In short, shot blasting cleaning machines are widely used in various industries, and their efficient, convenient, and intelligent characteristics are gradually attracting more and more attention from enterprises.


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