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Crawler type reinforced shot blasting machine

Crawler type reinforced shot blasting machine

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Crawler type reinforced shot blasting machine is an efficient, high-quality, and highly stable surface treatment equipment, especially suitable for shot blasting cleaning, spray pre-treatment, and other processes in industries such as large machinery, ships, and steel structures. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the crawler type reinforced shot blasting machine from the aspects of equipment principle, technical characteristics, and application cases.

Equipment principle of track type reinforced shot blasting machine

The basic principle of a track type reinforced shot blasting machine is to use a high-speed rotating scale wheel to spray steel balls onto the surface of the workpiece, instantly generating high-energy impact force, completely removing rust, oxides, welding slag and other dirt on the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, it also removes harmful substances such as surface burrs, thereby improving surface quality and enhancing surface corrosion resistance. The track type reinforced shot blasting machine adopts track conveyor, and the workpiece can be cleaned while being transported during operation. The streamlined operation can greatly improve production efficiency.

Technical characteristics of tracked reinforced shot blasting machine

1. Efficient cleaning: Using a high-speed rotating scale wheel with a rotation speed of up to 60m/s, the steel shot produces high-energy impact force instantly when sprayed out, with a large cutting force, which can clean the surface of the workpiece and remove impurities such as welding slag.

2. High level design: The crawler conveyor design can achieve continuous assembly line operation, greatly improving production efficiency.

3. Multi protection design: Multiple protection designs have been carried out for components such as scale wheels, shells, chains, tires, etc., highlighting the characteristics of safety, stability, and reliability.

4. Easy to operate and maintain: This equipment is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and has low maintenance costs.

5. Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation: Adopting environmentally friendly steel balls, which are pollution-free and non hazardous, and using reversible conveying equipment to recycle workpieces can effectively reduce energy consumption and achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

Application Cases of Crawler Type Enhanced Shot Blasting Machine

This type of equipment is mainly used in industries such as large machinery, steel structures, buildings, aerospace, power equipment, casting processing, shipbuilding, etc. Especially in the fields of marine engineering, offshore oil and gas drilling platforms, and large ships, they often face the erosion and oxidation corrosion environment of seawater. Long term incomplete surface treatment not only affects the appearance, but also directly affects the lifespan and quality of products. Using this equipment for surface treatment can improve surface quality, extend product life, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency. It is an indispensable and important equipment in the field of modern surface treatment.


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