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Hook type shot blasting machine

Hook type shot blasting machine

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Hook type shot blasting machine is a mechanical equipment used to clean impurities and dirt on the surface of metal parts, making the surface smooth and increasing adhesion, thereby achieving processing and enhancing the performance of the part. It is widely used and can be used in the urgent manufacturing and maintenance of high-precision parts such as automotive parts, engines, shock absorbers, air compressors, hydraulic components, water pumps, brakes, ship parts, etc.

The hook type shot blasting machine is considered an efficient and modern cleaning tool. It is suitable for various metal parts of different sizes, and its size, shape, and material have no impact on maintenance and production. Metal parts are sprayed and cleaned during the rotation process of the rotary table following the hook type shot blasting machine, avoiding the high time cost and low efficiency of traditional manual cleaning.

The characteristics of the hook type shot blasting machine are fast processing speed, high efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved production efficiency. At the same time, it also improves the quality and service life of the parts, and extends the service life. In addition, the hook type shot blasting machine can also reduce manufacturing defects and accuracy errors. During use, the hook type shot blasting machine can achieve mass production while reducing energy and resource waste, making the manufacturing process more environmentally friendly and economical.

As an efficient surface coating and cleaning tool, the hook type shot blasting machine can achieve different levels of cleaning, including pre-treatment, cleaning, light cleaning, color coating cleaning, and so on. By using projectiles of different sizes, shapes, and densities, different cleaning effects can be achieved. The hook type shot blasting machine can also achieve cleaning and surface modification of parts with different shapes.

It is worth noting that if using a hook type shot blasting machine, the correct operating methods should be followed. Firstly, it is necessary to select projectiles that are suitable for the material and shape to avoid unnecessary impact on the surface of the parts. Secondly, the correct parameters should be used to set the parameters of the shot blasting machine, including feeding speed, spraying time, and feeding amount. The correct operating methods and maintenance can ensure the stability and durability of the hook type shot blasting machine, extend its service life, and ensure the quality and efficiency of production.


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