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Double rotary table shot blasting machine

Double rotary table shot blasting machine

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The dual turntable shot blasting machine is a device used for metal surface treatment, mainly used to remove surface stains, rust, oxides, etc., increase the adhesion of the metal surface to coatings such as coatings and spray paint, and also improve the glossiness and corrosion resistance of the metal surface. The dual turret shot blasting machine is widely used in various metal manufacturing industries, such as automobile manufacturing, steel mills, forging factories, foundries, and railway manufacturing. This article will introduce the dual rotary table shot blasting machine from three aspects, namely its structure, working principle, and precautions for use.

1、 The structure of a dual turret shot blasting machine

The dual turret shot blasting machine is composed of three parts: the body, electronic control system, and shot blasting system. Among them, the fuselage is mainly composed of the upper and lower decks, side panels, front and rear fenders, motors, reducers, etc. The fuselage structure is compact, sturdy, and durable. The electric control system mainly consists of PLC program controllers, frequency converters, touch screens, electrical components, cables, etc. It can adjust the speed, control shot blasting time, and control the inlet and outlet of materials through the control panel. The shot blasting system can be roughly divided into parts such as the shot blasting chamber, shot blasting tube, shot blasting knife, shot blasting wheel, etc. There are multiple shot blasting knives and shot blasting wheels installed in the shot blasting chamber. The shot blasting wheel is driven by a motor and a reducer to drive the blade to throw the steel shot from the tangential direction towards the worn surface, achieving the effect of cleaning the surface and increasing surface roughness.

2、 The working principle of a dual rotary table shot blasting machine

The dual turntable shot blasting machine mainly impacts the steel shot onto the metal surface by providing high-speed rotational kinetic energy to remove dirt, oxide layer, rust, and leave a certain roughness on the surface. Compared with traditional single shot blasting machines, the dual turret shot blasting machine has significant improvements in both effectiveness and efficiency. The dual rotary table shot blasting machine can complete the surface treatment of the workpiece in a short period of time, and can simultaneously process two workpieces. The workflow is roughly as follows:

1. Workpiece loading: Place the workpiece that needs to be processed on the feeding port of the dual turntable machine, rotate it through the turntable, and feed the workpiece into the machine interior.

2. Shot blasting: After preparation and preheating, the worn shot blasting knife shoots the high-speed moving steel shot towards the surface of the workpiece, while the shot blasting wheel throws the steel shot forward according to a certain pattern.

3. Cleaning: The steel shot hits the metal surface, removing surface dirt, oxide layer, and other substances, achieving a clean and smooth effect on the metal surface.

4. Discharging: After the workpiece is processed, it is sent out from inside the machine through a turntable.

3、 Precautions for the use of dual rotary table shot blasting machine

1. Before use, carefully familiarize yourself with the instructions for using the equipment to ensure smooth operation.

2. Regularly inspect and maintain the shot blasting machine equipment to avoid production termination due to equipment failures.

3. Standardize the use of personal protective equipment to ensure personal safety.

4. According to the material and requirements of the processed workpiece, choose shot blasting steel shot correctly to achieve good treatment effect.

During daily maintenance of the equipment, the interior of the shot blasting room should be cleaned to avoid excessive accumulation of steel balls inside.

6. When carrying out shot blasting processing, the working environment should be kept clean to avoid affecting the shot blasting effect and production quality.

In short, the dual turret shot blasting machine has been widely used in the production and processing field due to its efficient and precise processing effect, as well as its wide applicability to various metal manufacturing enterprises. However, it is also necessary to strictly follow the operating instructions and relevant regulations in the selection, installation, debugging, maintenance, and use of equipment to ensure production safety, normal use, and widespread application of the equipment.


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