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Is the integrated shot blasting machine loud?

2023-06-01 10:12:38

Integrated shot blasting machine is an efficient surface treatment equipment widely used in various metal processing industries. For many enterprises using shot blasting machines, they may be concerned about whether the equipment will generate noise, affecting the production environment and work efficiency. So, what is the volume of the integrated shot blasting machine? Let's give a detailed introduction below.

Firstly, it should be clarified that the volume level of the integrated shot blasting machine is related to the design of the equipment itself, but more importantly, it is influenced by multiple factors such as processing parts, shot blasting media, and production environment. The specific situation is as follows:

1. Design of the device itself

The integrated shot blasting machine is a completely enclosed equipment that can effectively prevent gas and noise leakage. At the same time, this type of equipment is usually equipped with silencers and soundproofing materials to further reduce noise generation. Therefore, compared to ordinary shot blasting machines, the integrated shot blasting machine has a lower noise level.

2. Differences in machined parts

The shape, size, and material of the processed parts may all affect the volume of the shot blasting machine. Generally speaking, larger and heavier metal parts generate higher noise, while smaller and lighter metal parts are relatively lower. If the number of pieces processed by the shot blasting machine is large, the noise level of the equipment will also increase accordingly.

3. Differences in shot blasting media

The type and quality of shot blasting media also have an impact on the noise level of the equipment. Generally speaking, steel shot blasting media generates higher levels of noise, while aluminum or ceramic media produce relatively lower levels. Therefore, selecting appropriate shot blasting media can reduce the noise level of the equipment.

4. Differences in production environment

The production environment is also an important factor. If the noise level of the production workshop itself is relatively high, the noise of the shot blasting machine will also increase accordingly. In addition, if the workshop does not take noise protection measures, even low-noise equipment can have an impact on employees.

Overall, the noise level of the integrated shot blasting machine is relatively low, but the specific situation still needs to be evaluated based on the actual production environment. If you are concerned about the impact of noise, you can consider the following measures:

1. Choose the appropriate device model and shot blasting media, and choose the configuration with the lowest possible noise according to actual needs.

2. Provide noise protection for the production workshop, take sound insulation measures, and install noise mufflers.

3. Take good personal protection measures for employees and provide protective equipment such as earplugs to reduce the impact on employees.

In summary, the noise level of the integrated hanging shot blasting machine is relatively low, and it can be further reduced through appropriate configuration and protective measures. Enterprises can make choices based on their actual needs to achieve better production efficiency and employee work environment.


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