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How to reduce the energy consumption of drum type shot blasting machines?

2023-06-01 09:25:43

The drum type shot blasting machine is a commonly used cleaning tool in the manufacturing industry and is widely favored due to its high efficiency. However, the energy consumption of such machines is often high, which has adverse effects on the environment and the financial situation of enterprises. Through some modern technologies and practices, the energy consumption of drum type shot blasting machines can be reduced, while improving cleaning efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. Here are some simple and feasible methods:

1. Improve equipment efficiency

The efficient operation of the drum type shot blasting machine is a key element, which can improve cleaning speed and help save energy. Determining the correct air pressure and shot blasting speed, as well as selecting the appropriate crushing medium for the workpiece, are important steps to prevent energy waste. Improving the performance of the equipment fan and updating the motor to maintain suction is an effective method for optimizing the drum type shot blasting machine.

2. Optimize cleaning media

The medium of the shot blasting machine is crucial for cleaning efficiency. However, some cleaning media are more energy-efficient than others. For lighter workpieces, high-density polypropylene or steel balls are recommended, while aluminum oxide or ceramic materials are recommended for heavier workpieces. Using high-quality cleaning media can reduce noise, save energy, and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, during the process, equipment performance can be improved by filtering and drying clean media.

3. Implement recycling

When using cleaning media, recycle and avoid protecting the environment. Because saving the cost of this medium is expensive, its maintenance is also quite complex. By taking back some of the cleaning medium and returning it to the machine for recycling, consumption can be greatly reduced, and companies that widely use this method have achieved significant energy-saving benefits.

4. Check the worn parts

On the other hand, some components of the drum type shot blasting machine may lose efficiency due to wear and tear. Regular maintenance and inspection should be carried out on these parts to maintain the highest efficiency of the equipment. The worn parts include shot blasting bowls, pallets, rotating gears, transmission belts, etc. Regular inspection and timely replacement of these parts can greatly reduce energy waste.

5. Proper use of equipment

The drum type shot blasting machine is most suitable for cleaning heavy workpieces. For lightweight workpieces, using this device relatively wastes a lot of unnecessary energy. In this case, use other cleaning methods, such as water jet cleaning, to better reduce energy consumption.

6. Control time

Finally, controlling the usage time of the drum type shot blasting machine can significantly reduce energy consumption. The use of automated control systems can ensure that the equipment cleans the workpiece within the required time, providing good cleaning results while avoiding energy waste.

In today's era of increasing environmental awareness, reducing energy consumption is an important responsibility. The drum type shot blasting machine is an energy consuming tool, but it can alleviate environmental pressure, reduce costs, and improve work efficiency through innovative application technology, reliable practices, optimized cleaning media, and careful daily maintenance.


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